About Us

We are a company specialized in construction and assembly of various dredging equipment.                       


More info on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYXkJagnpnMkbu6ckQvN98A


Besides these activities, we designed our own dredger, The Winner.                                                         

This dredger we rely entirely to the customers wishes.

Developed for the tropical market; easy to operate, fast and good transportable lowbudget and high capacity. 


We offer the ability to provide transportation around the world and build, support and project management can also be arranged.

In addition to our specialization, we also have the support in aftercare. Parts supply or associate equipment as bulldozers, cranes, tugboats, barges or asphalt machines are also our business.

Our company has more than 50 years experience, the knowledge to design, construct and dredge.



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