This cutterdredger is newbuild in 2014 by MDM/ASR and installed delivered januari 2015 to companie ATAFRANC nigeria limited Port Harcourt

the dredger is build in (Panheel) holland compleet designed for tropics , on board :main engine caterpillar 3508 with giw pump

hydraulic: caterpillar 3406 with two hydraulic pumps (winches and cutter) and one generator 30 kva, suction and discharge 16/16 (400mm)






this suctiondredger is compleet refit in holland and installed delivered to a custamor in Port Harcourt Januari 2015

main engine caterpillar 3412 with de Groot pump, jetpump Nijhuis 700 k/h with volvo engine ,generator perkins 50 kva



  delivered februari 2015 


  Ready to deliver








This moment we are building a MDM/ASR cutter dredger 16 inch with caterpillar engins and giw pump 



   delivered in Port Harcourt mei 2017




compleet mounted and with instuctions delivered in russia 2017

12 inch dredger





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